Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year's Day events

Well it's New Year's Day and I'm up at 4.30am to sort the papers put with hubby in to rounds for the paper boys and girls. We have to people off which means myself and hubbby have to take out a round. Mine is easy down Scartho road Grimsby . Coat on and off I go leaving my 2young boys in bed and my mother on law will see to them when she awakes.
Dark is the morning so it is hard to read the delivery sheet.
 Walking down the road no one in sight just the street lights glow of orange. Would I meet any revellers from the night before. There was no one in sight but I could here them .  My delivery took my as far as the swimming pool where there were a few young men wobbling in the road . Then one gentleman said happy new year to me he was a security guard at the local hospital
He said it had been crazy night a couple of deaths which saddened me.

I made it back home for 7.15am not bad going just took over one hour.

Then 9.30am came round rather fast my hubby was time keeping at the cleethorpes athletic clubs annual event of  10k road race where there were 500 participants from various clubs and a few elite athletes.   I volunteered my services and found I had a usefull job of keeping spectators out of the pens which were for officials and time keepers and keeping the athletes moving through to the end together with two other officials . One official who normally races  shouted happy new year to all those finished.
One gent who finished was worried about his girlfriend as he hadn't seen her finish and it was her 1st 10k race  she was the last runner to finish . The  smile on her face when she had finished and the sense of achievement she must of felt  made think well May that could be me .

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