Monday, 6 January 2014

Exciting new year

Date 6th jan 2014

It started with my sons birthday  on 4 jan 2014 . Up and ready for Beverly x county champ his first race as under 13 boy he ran well a time of 11 minutes and 18 seconds
Sunday 5th was the day of his party  8 friends all boys invited so ten boisterous boys for lazer adventure and food the cafe owner said how well behaved this group was to my delight.

Today 6th January 2014  I have signed up for Jantastic me so I get running again after injury my foot still hurts but still can't get into doctors until the 16 jan which is ridiculous anyway I managed 200m which is a start with a dodgy ankle. Boys now out playing papers are done so resting until 6pm when I go out with hubby and collect payment for the papers.
I also got weighed this morning and my weight is 15.3  so all 15st woman didn't do to bad really
Let's see what tomorrow brings

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